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Even though sending a fax is not a complex thing to do, the 32bit Fax program offers up a complicated interface. While selecting the necessary options isn’t too difficult, it can be somewhat eye-straining to look at the 32bit Fax home screen – a bloated interface with too many buttons and a lack of clearly stated features brings this program down a few notches.


Once you get past the mixed-up interface, this program really isn’t difficult to use. You can send faxes through email, Internet, or through modem connections, and multiple users are permitted as well (a slightly advantage).

Main Function

32bit Fax performs its duties well enough. The only drawback (other than the interface, mentioned above) is that you have to purchase a monthly Internet connection plan through this company prior to using the program. So, know that you are in for the long haul if you want to send faxes using this tool.

Extra Features

The one feature that stands out about this program is that you can send a fax from multiple modems or from multiple email accounts. If you share an office with others and you want your co-workers to have access to the program, this is a valuable feature.


If you plan to use this program for one workstation, the retail price is around $30. If you want to use 32bit Fax for more than one workstation, you will have to pay around $59. For a program that could use a better interface and doesn’t come with many admirable features, 32bit Fax is not worth the price that you’ll pay (in this reviewer’s opinion!).


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Reviewed by Danny Mills
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